WM Carbide Services
Specializing in Carbide Pipe Wrenches, Slips, Pistons, and Drag Blocks

Tungsten Carbide is one of the Strongest Materials on the Planet.

Many in the oilfield service industry prefer that their down-hole tools are equipped with tungsten carbide inserts. However, this can be quite an expensive upgrade. In addition, not all models and sizes can be purchased with the carbide option.

For these and other reasons, numerous production tool companies throughout the industry have turned to WM Carbide Services when they need to equip their tools with carbide slips, pistons or drag blocks.


Product Quality

We use genuine, American-made tungsten carbide buttons (11% cobalt). We drill deep holes, use long buttons and braze with a generous amount of silver solder (50% sterling silver), resulting in extended product life and superior performance from your slips and pistons.

Our knowledgable staff understands how slips and pistons operate on production tools. Each product is hand-inspected for quality, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Completion Speed & Price

Fast turn-around is probably our biggest selling point. Most orders are completed within a few business days. However, we can expedite any order; even if it means working nights or weekends (charges may apply). We also keep a wide variety of carbide slips and pistons in stock and we offer same day shipping solutions.

Rather than paying full price for new slips, many have saved hundreds of dollars by sending us their used slips or pistons and receiving them back in better-than-new condition.


Our services are not limited to just slips, pistons and drag blocks. Our carbide pipe wrenches are popular among wireline crews. We put carbide in dies for shop and truck vices and insert carbide in cast-iron bridge plug slips.

If you have an idea for a tool or product you think will work better with carbide, we’ll try our best to make it happen.


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