The Sonic Shock-Wave Tool

is a well stimulation enhancement apparatus that creates a fluid shock wave that travels through fluid into formation that is being treated.

Upon activation, the Sonic Shock-Wave tool successively pulses fluid out of its multiple ports. As each pulse of fluid accelerates out of the ports, the fluid shock wave is formed due to abrupt acceleration and deceleration of the fluid being used. This shock wave is commonly called a 'water hammer'.

How Does It Work?

The Sonic Shock-Wave tool is activated with fluid velocity pumped through the tool itself. The fluid activates a diverter device, which in turn opens and closes posts in succession to crate a pulse of burst with high inertial forces. This pulse or burst forms a fluid shock wave in the well-bore fluid. The fluid shock wave will travel spherically from its point of origin through the well-bore fluid and into the formation as far as there is fluid. The sonic tool intensifies well stimulation treatments with the use of less treating fluids.

The Sonic Shock-Wave Tool can be ran in 4 different methods:

  • Below a packer (referred to as the Isolation Method)
  • Between 2 packers (referred to as the Straddle Packer Method)
  • Between a packer and a bridge plug
  • Ran on its own

When the Sonic Tool is used with any of these methods, the fluid shock wave becomes trapped intensifying the effect on the treated information.


Other Advantages of the Sonic Tool

Using the Sonic Tool will remove well-bore damage such as scales, formation fines, perforation debris, and other types of plugging material. The shock wave causes these materials to reach their failure point.

The Sonic Shock-Wave tool method of well stimulation enhancement has been successfully used on -

  • newly completed oil and gas wells
  • older producing oil and gas wells
  • injection and disposal wells

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