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About WM Oil

WM Oilfield Services is a family owned business headquartered in McCamey, Texas. Founded by Willie Mosley in 1995, it is comprised of two divisions: WM Oilfield Services Inc. and WM Carbide Services, Inc.

WM Oilfield Services originated as an oilfield service shop specializing in completion tools. Throughout the years, our industry expertise and the proprietary tools invented by Willie have served customers all over the world.

WM Carbide was born in 2004 after years of oilfield service showed a firsthand look at what tools look like after a rough trip in the hole. It became clear that efficiency and longevity could be drastically impacted with the addition of carbide retrofitting.

Over ten years, WM Carbide has carved its niche in being Johnny-on-the-spot for packer companies all across the country and has developed a reputation for being the people to call when no one else will answer.

Honest, hard-working employees are the cornerstone of our service.  The “can-do” spirit shared among those on our team contributes to a great working environment and we believe it shows in the quality of our product.

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